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The decision to renovate your home, whether it be by installing a new kitchen or even constructing an entire new floor, is one that requires careful consideration and is not to be taken lightly. The revolutionary design process pioneered by the professionals at Modular Home Additions takes the guesswork and hassles out of the renovation process allowing this overhaul of your home to be done quickly and in an efficient manner that does not sacrifice quality.

Most cost and problems when completing a renovation occur when the process extends from the agreed upon part of time into something much longer. Our techniques eliminate these concerns by assembling over 50% of the product in our warehouses in a climate controlled environment in order to ensure that we can be available to help in your renovation needs all year round.

Keeping Costs Down

The most important benefits that are present when selecting the professionals at Modular Home Additions directly correlate to cost savings. Thanks to our cutting edge manufacturing procedures the savings are passed on to you in the form up to 30% in comparison to more conventional methods.
In order to achieve saving like this we do things a little differently from the status quo in the renovation industry. Much of the design and product choices are done offsite in our showroom under the guidance of one of our customer service professionals. You come in at your convenience and choose a design and the specifications that best match the kitchen, attachment or even entire home of your dreams. Doing the design aspect of the job in this manner allows us to keep the impediments to your home to a minimum. Once that is complete it is simply a manner of installation which we can guarantee will take no more than a few days or even less!

Our Team

Being voted Best in Toronto Contractor by the readers of Multicom Media Newspapers for 2 consecutive years is a point of pride in our organization and one that is not taken lightly.

The contractors themselves as well as customer service representatives on the floor and right on up through management, everyone on the Modular Home Additions place a premium on the satisfaction of our customers. This commitment to quality extends through the entirety of the process from the design itself on into the installation and finally in terms of our iron clad warranty that ensures one way or another you will be getting the new kitchen, new bedroom, new home that you want and deserve. Call us to get started at 416-559-4663.
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Our showroom is located in the East York area of Toronto. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
27 Bermondsey Rd.
Toronto, ON M4B 1Z7
Fax: 416.759.9563

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